Maurice Ling's Laboratory

Welcome to my virtual laboratory web-enabled application site.

Summary of research interest: My research interest lies in the interdisciplinary area of biology, computer science, and statistics - currently known as bioinformatics - looking at how can computer (information) science and statistics help us unravel the mysteries of biology. On the biological side, I am interested in genomics (DNA fingerprinting, gene pool evolution and differentiation), transcriptomics (which genes are expressed at what conditions and at what levels) and interactomics (how are these gene products interacting in different conditions). On the computer science side of the game, I am engrossed with effective management and use of biological resource which includes published manuscripts. Quoting from a senior academic, I believe that much of science has been deductionist (breaking down into constituent components and studying a single component in extreme detail which manifested in the "one-gene-one-thesis" approach) and maybe we have enough components to re-build systems towards our initial goal of biological science - what is life and how it works? In this aspect, will it be possible to "re-design" or "re-build" a cell from the set of proteins that we have?

My professional portfolio is parked within my personal website.

Here is a list of tools that had been developed as part of my work:

  • Estimation of Metabolic and Physiological Parameters from Anthropometric Measurements
    This tool estimates various metabolic and physiological parameters; such as basal metabolic rate and percentage body fat; from anthropometric (body dimensions) measurements, using various formula.
    Click here to start measuring yourself.