Estimation of Metabolic and Physiological Parameters from Anthropometric Measurements

This tool estimates various metabolic and physiological parameters; such as basal metabolic rate and percentage body fat; from anthropometric (body dimensions) measurements, using various formula.

As each formula uses different set of measurements, it is advisable to input as many measurements as possible in order to utilize all available formula. At the very least, you should put in gender, age, height, and weight. The rest of the measurements are not mandatory. If you do not have or do not wish to enter a particular measurement, please set the measurement to 0 or blank the measurement so that the tool know which measurement to ignore.Please also take note of the unit of each measurement. I prefer metric units; hence, please do not ask me change to imperial units (despite the fact that I know my waist circumference in imperial unit). Convert to the required units by youself. If you cannot do it, too bad.

Gender (required):
Age (required):years
Height (required):centimetres
Weight (required):kilograms
Neck Circumference:centimetres
Forearm Circumference:centimetres
Wrist Circumference:centimetres
Waist Circumference:centimetres
Hip Circumference:centimetres
Thigh Circumference:centimetres
Calf Circumference:centimetres
Chest Fold:millimetres (skin fold: diagonal pinch between nipple and armpit)
Abdominal Fold:millimetres (skin fold: vertical pinch, 1 inch beside navel)
Thigh Fold:millimetres (skin fold: vertical pinch, middle of thigh)
Tricep Fold:millimetres (skin fold: vertical pinch, midway between shoulder and elbow)
Suprailiac Fold:millimetres (skin fold: diagonal pinch, directly above iliac crest)

Where to measure:
  • Neck – Just under the Adam's apple.
  • Waist – Across the navel.
  • Wrist – At the thinnest point of the wrist, just before it meets the hand.
  • Forearm – At the widest part of the forearm with the arm relaxed by the side of the body.
  • Hips – Around the widest part of your butt. Note this almost surely is NOT around your hipbones.
  • Thigh – Around the widest part of the thigh. Generally this will be near the top of the thigh. Take care not to include part of your butt in the measurement.
  • Calf – Around the widest part of the calf while standing up.