BioDBCat is an effort to catalog published biological and biomedical databases on an annual basis. This project was started in 2013 by Maurice Ling and Koh Yong Zher to get a feel of the number and types of biological databases published within the year. As this effort goes on, it seems to be a potential contribution to the scientific community to have such a catalogue; hence, BioDBCat was born.

At the same time, we are also interested to see the half-life of published databases as most journals only require the published database to be online for around 2 years.

This is an on-going project. We aim update this catalogue annually. At the same time, we cannot ensure that this catalogue completely captures all published databases.

If there are any databases that we had missed out or any errors, please let me know via email at mauriceling @AT@ acm dot org.

Please feel free to browse/search the catalogue once you had registered and logged in.


  • Koh, YZ, Ling, MHT. 2014. Catalog of Biological and Biomedical Databases Published in 2013. Computational and Mathematical Biology 3: 3. [PDF]